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                                 Friday September 15 2023


We’re sorry to inform you that we have to cancel all upcoming EU Tour dates, unfortunately there is no other way at the moment. Due to illness/burn out syndrome within the band we haven’t been able to write and record any new material and we’re not able to say when and if we’ll be back to play live again.

We’re of course sorry to disappoint our booking agent, promotors and bands that put in lots of work to make this happen. And of course most of all, thanks to everyone who already bought tickets and planned to come out to our shows, please check venue links for refunds, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

This is far from a lighthearted decision but as of now we'll put the band on indefinite hiatus.

Thanks for all the support and hope to see you in one way or the other in the future!

Best regards

/ Kamchatka

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