Kamchatka – Long Road Made of Gold

After the success of their previous album The Search Goes On the bands 6th album Long Road Made of Gold is due for release in May 2015 on Despotz Records. 10 brand new Kamchatka tunes, this time mixed and mastered by UK’s finest, Russ Russell.

Same but different is a good description of the new Kamchatka album. Thomas Juneor Anderssons soulful vocals and bluesy fretboard work is intact. The same goes for Tobias Strandviks tasteful drumming with nods to both classic and progressive rock. Per Wibergs bass roars way down below and there’s no mistake telling what band is blasting out of the speakers, yet there’s something new going on. Thomas explains:

– All the touring through 2014 has made us a tighter unit musically and this definitely shows. There are more dynamics to the new album and it feels like the songs go to different places than before. I think we’ve found some new angles to the Kamchatka brand of rock and the combination of our influences really hits a new level here.

When listening to Long Road Made of Gold you can really tell this is a band who took their time to make a great album, not a bunch of songs thrown together. There’s a certain playfulness to this album, both in the performance as well as the song arrangements that has a stronger presence than before. Per Wiberg says:

-We recorded “Long Road Made Of Gold” in our own studio and rehearsal room, the “Kamchatka shelter”. Since Toby(drums) is a greatly skilled engineer and handles mics & pre-amps just as good as drums & cymbals, it makes the creative process an effortless affair. This type of music is based around a group effort and the relaxed vibe our studio offers definitely help us to concentrate on finding the right energy without any deadlines or costly 9 to 5 schedules.

Always curious and with an urge to move forward the band decided to go with Russ Russell for mixing and mastering duties. When reading this on paper it might seem like an odd pairing, but listening to the album it makes total sense. It’s a powerful mix with lots of balls and attitude yet still dynamic and creative. A big part of Kamchatka’s trademark sound is based on going from swinging to heavy, loud to quiet or bluesy to modern. Nothing from the past is lost here, instead it’s a little bit more of everything and some new flavors. Tobias Strandvik:

– Even though our music is rooted in 60’s & 70’s music it’s important for us to have a contemporary sounding album. We don’t want to repeat ourselves either and having Russ Russell mixing and mastering certainly gives it the punch and power we wanted. Russ is mostly known for extreme metal like Napalm Death etc but embraced this project with open arms and the sonic outcome is definitely our strongest to date.

The artwork is once again done by Hippograffix, creator of all the Kamchatka graphics since day one. Although Long Road Made of Gold maintains the same style and epic vibe of previous releases it’s the very first album to feature the band members on the front cover.

Buckle up and get ready for a joyous a ride as Kamchatka take the listener to a couple of places the band never visited before without losing it’s trademark sound. Album opener Take Me Back Home starts with a banjo to underline the journeyman vibe and then twists and turns into a grooving progressive riff fest. The album title is a combination of two songs this time, the sly blues chanting bottleneck song Long Road and the ferocious shuffle beat of Made Of Gold. There’s no lack of uptempo rockers either and the first single Get Your Game On is surely proof of this with it’s steady beat and uplifting sing a long chorus.

Enter The Long Road Made Of Gold!

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