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May 10th, 2012

Thomas Juneor Andersson and Tobias Strandvik of KAMCHATKA would like to thank the wonderful and amazingly gifted musician and friend Roger Öjersson for his fine work as bassplayer/singer/songwriter in KAMCHATKA for the band’s first 10 years and wish him all the best on his future endeavours.
And welcome bassplayer/singer/songwriter Linus Carlsson to the band.Welcome Linus !



Check out some photos of the new lineup on our Gallery page

Read the short story about Linus in his own words

“My name is Linus Carlsson.
I grew up in a blue-rinse, white-collar town located in Dalecarlia, Sweden.
Not sharing my common fellow citizen’s talent-, nor the fascination for floorball, I took to playing rock and funk style electric bass at an early age.
Over the years, my rock and funk style electric bass playing led to performing and recording with (to mention a few):

Remedy Lane (some members active under the name of The Virtues)
The Virtues
Electric Folk
Steppin Out
Pain of Salvation

While the acts mentioned above all provide fairly well suited environment for my particular style of playing, the best platform in this regard by far, is KAMCHATKA.

So, I can’t wait to do the upcoming shows. Not to mention getting the new songs we’re workin’ on up and running…

//Linus Carlsson, May 2012

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