Kamchatka webshop online!

October 23rd, 2018

Good things come to those who wait and finally we have a webshop online.
Take me to the Kamchatka webshop

We had a fun tour in Germany and thanks to everyone who helped out and came to the shows, good times. Thumbs up to Basement Saints for being great guys and a good band as well! We still have a few German shows coming up this year and we’re looking forward to play these festivals now that we’re back in the groove. Updated the setlist section as well in case anyone is interested in what songs we’re playing live.

Our new 7-inch on H42 records is completely sold out, big thanks to everyone who supported! The new tunes have been really fun to play live and they sure will stick around in our set! In the meantime, here are the upcoming German shows!

16.11 DE-Marsberg, Diemelkult Festival
17.11 DE-Passau, Blackdoor Music Fest
28.12 DE-Hamburg, Sankt Hell, Gr√ľnspan Tickets here!



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