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May 6th, 2015

We’re confirmed to play the dutch festival Zwarte Cross!

“The Zwarte Cross is the festival that’s actually fun. It’s what your weekend would look like if God himself helped make it. This is the most exciting collection of music, camping, motocross and countless kick-ass stunts you’ll find. In just a few years the Zwarte Cross grew to be the biggest music festival in Holland and the largest motocross event in the world. However, there is sooo much more to live and love than just motocross and great Rock ‘n Roll. From theatre to reggae to poetry to hardrock/metal to quality EDM… all here! In 2014, there were 185.000 people who came to experience the most interesting and unique (and awesome) festival in The Netherlands.”

We’re playing Saturday July 25, on stage 11.30PM, see you!
Kamchatka on Zwarte Cross



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